Thursday, 15 May 2014

BIO Poem

This is my BIO Poem

Kiana is
Kind, Smart’ And rough
who is the daughter of Nicola and sonny and, Sister of Mason
loves being fancy, happy, ,and thankful for everything
And sometimes is afraid of the  dark, creepy noises and  old men
proud of becoming Captain of the netball team

have always wanted to experience being a silver fern in the championship and going to university

And Kaikohe is my home town

knows for sure that Koura is the greatest in Kaikohe West School 


  1. hey hey Kiana whats up any way you have done a fabulis bio poem so well done but you should just cut out the ands and just put in the commers but other than that well done and keep up the good bio poems

    1. Miss newton said to put ands in there

    2. Well done Kiana, this BIO is great. With a list of things like - "kind, smart and rough" you put a comma between the first things in the list and an and before the last one. Next time we do writing you shouldn't start a sentence with 'and', but it kind of works in this poem. I am also proud of you for becoming captain of the netball team! Yay you!

  2. Hi Kiana I really like how you put great describing words in put but i think you need to change one part because it doesn't make sense put other than that what an awesome post.

  3. Hi Kiana I like that you put good describing words in your Poem. but you should know that Weta is better.