Friday, 15 August 2014


Hi I am Kiana and I would like to talk to you about choir. I felt so alive when my name got called up to do a solo. It was just the start of being a famous singer. I was singing with my back a little bit down and with my hands around my body like a ninja. Now Im going to tell you How much I think the choir improved. The Girls is amazing in words you couldn’t understand. All of the people in the choir have voices like angels. Ka Mo Te Wehi girls The Last thing I am going to talk about is miss nicola and mrs henwood for what they have teached us Miss Nicola and mrs henwood are super stars. They have teached us a lot of singing (I mean a lot) The most best thing about mrs henwood and miss nicola is that she push us to do good at things that were bad at. And they encourages us to do your best.
Thanks for listening to my Speech and Have a great weekend.

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  1. Kia ora Kiana from Mrs Morgan-French. Congratulations on your big night out. When you make it big in Hollywood, make sure your remember Miss Nicola and Mrs Henwood. Miharo.