Friday, 8 August 2014

Show Don't tell With Miss Smith

We have been learning over the past 3 days show don't tell. I think I made people hanging and what was going to make them wonder what is going to happen next. What I need to do better is show more about my feeling. 

As they walked through sweating with fear they heard sticks getting crunched on. They felt like they were being followed. Fog was rising up in a weird way. Rotten bones all around them. Then they found a cave full of people berdy alive with their toes peeking out. They found a blood trail leading to a pool filled with dead bodies. They spotted a devil and witches house that was made out of wood and candy. Later on they heard laughter through the air singing “lalalalala”. When they were trying to get out they saw scratched up rip signs at the haunted house then Suddenly.... 

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