Tuesday, 14 October 2014

My Holidays

On Monday and Tuesday I did writing. We had to write about our holidays. I was writing about the waves pools and I think I did well and I think next time I could use more describing words. I hope you like my writing. 

“Wippee”! As I slid down the hydra slide. The waves turned on, I nearly drowned! I averred in a bus and I was sitting next to my best friend harmony. I was really excited when we got there because I knew I was going to have a fun time. In the hydra slide I could hear harmony shouting “HELLO WAVE POOLS”! The people in line laughed. When I slid down it was my second in the hydra slide it was the light one and I whispered “It’s really cool in here”!  When I jumped in the pool again I knew all the boys were checking me out in my green, yellow and white bikini. I Was booming in the deep with my other friends Eden, Te aria and Still Harmony. We had lots of fun. When I got Out I had some money that my mum gave me and I spent it on ice blocks. We had to go so I went in the bus and we I did that we were allowed to make a hut in there. The End.


  1. Hey Kiana nice work you put lots of information and hard work keep it up :)

  2. Hi Kiana I really love to read your story maybe next time read over your work and see if it make sense some of it dose and some dosen't.

    From Gerry

    1. Thanks for the comment I'll use that thought for next time